Level Bookings Ts&Cs

If you arrive 30 minutes later than 00:00, you run the risk of losing your reservation and we are unable to issue any refunds

Our dress code is smart casual, no heavily branded items, no sportswear and the final decision of entry is at the discretion of the door staff

Please ensure you and everybody in the group brings a valid form of ID on the night

Bookings cannot be made on behalf of other people. The lead name will need to be in present at the booking

The outstanding balance must be paid in full, even if the group size has decreased. Any increases to your group size will incur an additional payment

-t’s a maximum of 10 men per group and we cannot split the group across booths

You can arrive anywhere between 22:30 and 00:00

If there is more than 10 people in your group, we will put you across two tables (excluding male groups of more than 10)

Booths are subject to availability

Office hours are MondayFriday 9-5 so if you decide to book after this time, please ask a member of staff on the night for availability